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  Hyperlexia Reading Comprehension & Autism Resources for Hope

Add-A-Page exists to provide hyperlexia comprehension reading guides, medical organization resources, and free Scripture journals bringing support and hope to those navigating uncharted territory. We seek to support families and individuals with hyperlexic children, encouraging developmental comprehension for the audible and visual literal interpreters, and those who need documentation resources. We believe in keeping things simple, adding a page at a time. 


Simplifying Hyperlexia 

Hyperlexia is the innate ability to decode language. Children may have expressed fascination with words and letters, then begun early reading without having the comprehension of the verbal, or written, language. As caregivers and educators, we can help bring understanding. 


Click 'Find Out More' to read about how our downloadable Hyperlexia Story Guides can help to easily teach comprehension, in the moment, when  ability to possibly give attention presents. We hope this easy to carry, easy to change for your current circumstances, tool will be a blessing of God that enables ever greater comprehension of language for your family or student.


              Medical Record
       Organization Resource

Having a child or children with many unique needs, with information across many fields that influence another field of need, can be a challenge. This free, and downloadable template example, is a lifesaver. This form will help you to locate the required information easily, confidently, and when you need it quickly with doctors, or at home. We have experienced great progress during medical appointments having prepared documentation using this method.

Free Scripture Journals

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Hope. As we come to Him, He provides daily for us all that we need, especially encouragement for the journey. 


Our free Scripture journals are designed to provide daily words of encouragement and space to process. Journaling has been proven by mental health professionals to be a way of effectively processing thoughts and emotions towards the overall positive improvement of mindset. We believe that God desires to speak to us and that He is close to us always, which includes during uncertain and challenging times. Download your free template now to add a page to the rhythms of your everyday life.


Dedicated, with love, to my brother, affectionally known as "Frere," who is standing strong in cancer and sharing the gospel around the globe with World Vision.


Contact Us 


We are here to support you and your family in this journey.

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